Taiwanese Men and Hairdryers

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Why Do Men At My Gym Dry Themselves With Hairdryers?

Here’s a Taiwanese secret that I have no earthly answer to: Why do Taiwanese men at the gym feel compelled to use a hairdryer to dry their bodies, particularly their more private areas…? Now you might picture a group of stereotypically effete Asian men lightly blowdtaiwanese locker roomrying their asses…and yes, this does occur.

However, I belong to a gym with a fairly diverse membership base and along with the thin, boyish, almost feminine looking Taiwanese boymen, there are middle aged businessman, elderly grandfatherly types and some scarily muscular guys with full back and arm tattoos that look like they belong to the triads.

All of them stand in front of a mirror and slowly blow dry their virtually hair free bodies. I’m not saying every single man there does this, but many do and across all types. It appears to be absolutely normal behaviour. Our locker and change area has a big mirror the length of one wall with a counter in front of it and 8 hairdryers plugged in and ready to go. It’s a rare visit when you walk in and see none of them in use.

What is the issue here? Are towels not enough? I’m a relatively furry Western guy and a towel does, in fact, seem to adequately dry my body. I would think a hair free body would tend to have much less water retention after showering, thus necesitating reduced towel usage. Yet, I have witnessed many men give themselves a cursory toweling before walking over to avail themselves of the hairdryer facilities. Is it a hygenic issue…do they feel that they are sterilizing themselves in some way? Maybe it simply feels good. Or are they exhibitionist who use the drying activity as a pretext to stand in front of the mirror and afford everyonelse in the locker room an opportunity to gaze upon them. Do they do this at home too?

I would really like to know the rationale behind this. If anyone has a good explanation, I’d love to hear it.

Dating Girls In Taiwan

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Taiwan Dating

So you came to Taipei, the capital of Taiwan for education, business, tourism or any other reason but now you feel a little lonely and whenever you see couples your heart craves for befriending beautiful Taiwan girls? Well it’s natural and nothing to worry. Moreover, women here are immensely beautiful and their appearances are purely bewitching as well as incredibly sexy – got to love those thigh high stockings. Their beauty is as alluring as this beautiful island.

There’s one great thing about the single women in Taipei – they are quite interested in the people from the West and this increases your chances of dating one of them! Furthermore, it is a basic characteristic feature of Taiwan girls that they are very friendly and they easily mix up with strangers. This will help you befriending Taipei girls. But if you get completely immersed in their culture it would be helpful.

Having a great sense of humor is the key to relationship and when it comes to Taiwan dating it is the most essential personality trait and it will definitely help you in dating Taiwanese girls for they like humorous people. Another most essential thing about them is that they have a very strong bonding with their family so not at any cost insult their family. Keep one more thing in your mind if you are really looking forward to dating Taipei women do not keep on praising their beauty they will surely smell the rat and you will lose the chance of dating a beautiful asian woman.

Be honest with yourself when you begin your search.  Are you looking for a long term relationship or are you just interested in a casual fling?  It’s certainly possible to find both – or even something in between – but knowing what you really want will help you focus your search. The girls will appreciate your honesty as well, the same as they do in your home country.

Well these Taiwan dating tips will surely help you getting a date but where to search for Taiwanese girls still sounds an enigma! But never to worry as it is not at all a trouble. Of course you could simply wander around the Taipei 101 building or scope out at the action at your local 24 Coffee or maybe you’re wondering where the best bars to pick up girls in Taiwan are, well that seemingly changes from month to month here.  But just ask around, your fellow foreigners can probably steer you in the right direction for local pickups.  But, if you’re not the type of guy to try to pick up Taiwan girls in a bar, there are plenty of Taiwanese dating sites where you can easily find a girl of your choice.

You can quite easily get registered to such sites and search women of your choice. These Taiwan dating sites are very helpful for you will come to know about the culture, language and the societal setup of Taipei in details and will be able to get connected with thousands of people. Choose and select carefully amongst them and you can definitely find your ideal match. On these sites you will get to know about their likes and dislikes and once you do, you can further filter your search. Finding Taiwan girls on these local dating sites with similar preferences to your own can be a tough job but these sites will make the process extremely easy through their search filters.  While you can try your luck with the free sites or a limited membership on one of the more popular ones, it’s usually worth the investment to pay for a membership.  After a month or two you should have built up a good pool of likely dating candidates and can let your membership lapse.

Looking for photos of sexy Taiwanese girls?

Buy My Life for $80,000 NT

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Selling My Life for $80,000 NT

Update:  You lost out on a great opportunity people.  The amazing Kymco Xing sold along with helmet and someone got an excellent deal on my amazing aquarium set up.  Locals ran off with random items and other things were given away.  I’m now back in the US doing much better financially than I was in the ROC but living under the Trump regime.  I no longer need to ride my motorcycle in the rain to ask children how they are – “Fine, thank you and you?” but I also can no longer run down from my super cool rooftop apartment late in the evening to grab some tasty street food.  And, sadly, I don’t get to collect a drawer full of 2 months worth of receipts for the Taiwan receipt lottery and get to dream of winning big.

Taiwan has been great, but I’ve been here too long and it’s time for me to move on.  Would someone like to assume my life here in Taiwan?  I’m selling it for the bargain basement price of $80,000 NT ( about $2,600 USD ).

Arriving in Taiwan without a job and without a support network is certainly doable – I did it myself, but if you plan to stay for any length of time you need to have some savings to get you through the first few months.  Teaching jobs are more and more competitive these days and you should plan on having funds to carry you through at least two months without work here.  Hopefully you could find a job sooner than that – but even if you did, you wouldn’t be paid until the next month.  A scaled down monthly budget of $15,000 could get you by – take that times two = $30,000 NT.  You’ll also need to budget for key money – or rental deposit of 2 – 3 months rent – figure at least 20,000 NT.  You’ll probably want a scooter or motorcycle too.  Plan on at least another 20,000 NT for that.  So..there is 70,000 NT – and you haven’t bought furniture or found a job yet.  You want internet access don’t you?  You’ll probably need to sign a contract to get that – which you can’t do unless you have an ARC card (work visa).

So..what do you get if you buy my life for $80,000?

Fully furnished rooftop apartment – lots of space on the roof, perfect for houseplants and BBQ parties.  Apartment comes with built-in storage, sofa, two good solid tables – one of them is just huge – perfect for your rooftop parties, mattress, computer desk, chairs and more – all of this is owned by me and becomes yours.

A cool looking motorcycle in good condition with a top of the line helmet and good quality raingear – this helmet cost $4,000 NT.  Sure, you could get a helmet for $100 NT ($3 USD) and, if you have a $3 head, I recommend you do that – otherwise invest in a good full head helmet.

A HUGE fish aquarium set-up here on the roof with base cabinet.  If you’re into fish, this is a great deal – the tank and all the equipment would cost you over $40,000 new.

Morning teaching hours – this is huge – you start earning right away and morning teaching hours are the hardest to find.  It’s not too hard to find afternoon teaching hours but morning hours can be a challenge.  If you are coming to Taiwan to make money, you need some morning hours to fill out your schedule. This is 2 hours a day, 4 days a week for 8 hours @ $600 NT an hour – that’s almost $20,000 NT a month, so right away you should be able to cover all your monthly expenses other than rent.

DSL Internet – already set up for you and included in your monthly rent.

Tons of other good stuff – like loads of teaching materials, books and flashcards, houseplants, all kinds of dishes, plates and other kitchen stuff – in addition to appliances – a blender, a rice cooker, a coffeemaker, a toaster oven, electric kettle and even a popcorn maker.  You get chinese language materials if you want to study chinese, alarm clocks, computer speakers, mirrors, extension cords, hand tools, books, blankets, and a complete wardrobe if you happen to be a guy about my size – 6′ tall.  All the kinds of stuff that you’d never think of factoring into a budget but most of which you would end up buying eventually.

Refrigerator, TV and washing machine – these are owned by the landlord but not all apartments come furnished with them.

Orientation – I’ll take you around, introduce you to your morning school, show you the nearest supermarket, the best breakfast shop, the closest MRT station, the gym I belong to – just $1600 a month with top of the line equipment, sauna, hot tub and great swimming pool.  Show you how to order gas for the hot water heater, etc. All the details you’d want to know and would take you weeks to learn on your own.

The details

First, the rent is 8,000 a month and this includes water and internet.  Electricity is on you and how much you use depends largely on how much you run the air conditioner or heaters in the winter – yes air conditioner and two good heaters are included!  Part of the $80,000 you are paying is my rental deposit of $16,000.  If you like, you can meet with the landlord, sign a new contract, pay her the deposit directly and then subtract that from my price – so pay me 64k and pay her 16k.  The choice is yours.  She’ll be happy to sign a new contract with you – the only sticking point is that she may require you to have an ARC card to do so – which I why I included the deposit in my price.  My deposit would transfer to you and you could sign a new contract after getting your work visa.

How good a deal is this? It’s a great deal!  Think about this – the 16k deposit you’d have to pay anyway and you’ll get it back when you leave.  You should be able to sell the motorcycle for at least 20k when you leave too.  There are two gas tanks here – one for hot water and one for cooking – I paid a $1500 deposit on those, you get that back when you leave too.  And, right off the bat, you’ve got a guaranteed income of around $24,000 a month.  How can you pass this up?

When Can I Move In?

I’m flexible when I leave but I’m not really ready to go before June 1st so you’d have to pay some kind of premium if you want me out before then.  Anytime after that, just give me 2 weeks notice to wrap things up and the whole set-up is yours.  This is a complete turnkey deal.  I’ll definitely have the apartment clean for you, but I am leaving everything that I can’t pack into 2 suitcases – so you should expect to find some rice, coffee, laundry detergent, spices, condiments, etc. all waiting for you.  I may even leave you some ice cream in the freezer.

Photos are posted here.  If you’re interested, just contact me.