An Easy Way To Learn Chinese

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Using Movies to Learn Chinese

Whether you’re studying Chinese in Taiwan or anywhere else around the world sometimes you just get tired of serious studying.  Learning Chinese from movies is great way to relax while still continuing your studies.  You’re probably not going to become fluent solely from watching movies in Mandarin but it’s a great way to enhance your language studies, give you break from more serious study, introduce you to some different Chinese vocabulary and characters that you might not find in your Chinese textbooks and have fun while improving your language ability.

Let’s take a look at how you can learn Chinese by watching movies.

Why should you learn Chinese by watching movies?

1. Watching movies in Chinese can improve your listening skills. The actors in the movie are usually speaking native Mandarin and it also gives you a chance to listen to different people speaking. Plus you aren’t only listening to the spoken Mandarin, you can also see what’s going on in the film. It’s much easier to follow a conversation in Chinese when you can actually see the action taking place at the same time.  What I find incredibly helpful is watching the film with the subtitles.  Simply seeing the characters repeatedly appear on the screen in conjunction with the storyline helps me to memorize new characters and strengthen my recall of those that I already know.

2. Watching films in Chinese also helps to improve your pronunciation skills. You can learn how native speakers pronounce words and also follow the movie to practice your pronunciation. If you want, you can actually break the conversation down sentence by sentence or word by word and follow it to practice how to pronounce each word.  This is particularly important for a language such as Mandarin Chinese, where the tone is of such importance.

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3. Watching films or tv shows improves your speaking ability. By watching movies you can actually closely observe how native Chinese speak in daily life – or at least in the daily life represented in film.

4. Finally, it’s just a fun way to complement your other studies.  If you can find a movie or tv series that you like that has subtitles, it really doesn’t even feel like you are studying at all.

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Study Mandarin Chinese In Taiwan

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Studying Mandarin Chinese in Taiwan

Before dealing with the details about studying Mandarin in Taiwan, we can summarize some basics about studying Mandarin that anyone interested in even visiting Taiwan should probably keep in mind. First, to begin studying Mandarin in Taiwan, one should almost surely speak with a professional Chinese school or instructor.

Casually picking up Chinese by learning “on the street” doesn’t quite work as well as it often does with Western languages which are much more similar in nature. In Chinese, there are strict pronunciation and grammar rules you must learn in order to speak well. After just a few months of Mandarin Chinese study, though, it is possible to improve through self-study and practicing with Taiwanese friends and acquaintances.

Traditional or Simplified Characters?

It is necessary to understand that there is one essential difference between Mandarin Chinese in Taiwan and that in Mainland China: the characters. In Taiwan ‘fan ti zi’ or traditional characters are in use, while in Mainland China, simplified characters have replaced the original versions.

Under Mao, the Chinese Communist Party simplified the characters in an effort (some would say a misguided one) to make learning the difficult language easier for the masses. Many students of Mandarin Chinese in Mainland China say that studying traditional characters is …..Read the full article: Mandarin Chinese Study In Taiwan.

Welcome To Taiwan Secrets

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Experience Taiwan

Taiwan is one of the most diverse and underrated travel destinations in all of Asia! Taiwan has beautiful beaches, excellent hiking, natural hot springs, bamboo forests combined with the modern infrastructure of Taipei – an Asian economic dynamo.

Taiwan is the best place in the world to experience traditional, ancient Chinese culture. Add to that the opportunity to earn good money teaching English, world class Mandarin Chinese language programs and last, but certainly not least – sexy Taiwan Girls.  It’s not hard to understand why Taiwan is popular with world travelers.  Maybe you can even pick up some extra money by saving your receipts and winning it big in the Taiwan receipt lottery!



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