Modelling Jobs for Foreigners in Taiwan

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Work As A Model In Taiwan

If you’re in Taiwan studying Chinese or teaching English and want to pick up some extra cash you may want to consider modelling.  Strange as it may sound, the Taiwanese do make use of foreign models to advertise products in commercials.  Foreign actors are also used as extras in some Taiwanese films.  You’ll have the best shot at landing a modelling or acting gig if you are what the Taiwanese consider to be stereotypically foreign – white – blonde hair – blue eyes.  If you don’t fit that description, don’t be discouraged, it’s still possible for you to find work as a model though it may be more difficult as there are many established professional Taiwanese models that typically get the high end modelling jobs for Asians.  Modelling experience is great but not really required or expected for most small modelling jobs.  Unless you’re really a professional model, don’t expect to make a full-time income doing this but at least you can pick up some extra cash for work that is not too demanding.

To find modelling agencies in Taiwan that have modelling jobs available and are hiring foreign models in Taiwan use the Taiwan Yellow Pages or try contacting the New Face Modeling Agency in Taiwan at +886 2.2394.4426.   Modelling jobs for foreigners are also sometimes posted on Tealit.  If you’re really interested in pursuing modelling as a career a good book to check out is Your Modelling Career – You Don’t Have To Be A Superstar To Succeed.  It’s available on Amazon.  Good luck in your quest for modelling jobs!

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