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Taiwanese Men and Hairdryers

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Why Do Men At My Gym Dry Themselves With Hairdryers?

Here’s a Taiwanese secret that I have no earthly answer to: Why do Taiwanese men at the gym feel compelled to use a hairdryer to dry their bodies, particularly their more private areas…? Now you might picture a group of stereotypically effete Asian men lightly blowdtaiwanese locker roomrying their asses…and yes, this does occur.

However, I belong to a gym with a fairly diverse membership base and along with the thin, boyish, almost feminine looking Taiwanese boymen, there are middle aged businessman, elderly grandfatherly types and some scarily muscular guys with full back and arm tattoos that look like they belong to the triads.

All of them stand in front of a mirror and slowly blow dry their virtually hair free bodies. I’m not saying every single man there does this, but many do and across all types. It appears to be absolutely normal behaviour. Our locker and change area has a big mirror the length of one wall with a counter in front of it and 8 hairdryers plugged in and ready to go. It’s a rare visit when you walk in and see none of them in use.

What is the issue here? Are towels not enough? I’m a relatively furry Western guy and a towel does, in fact, seem to adequately dry my body. I would think a hair free body would tend to have much less water retention after showering, thus necesitating reduced towel usage. Yet, I have witnessed many men give themselves a cursory toweling before walking over to avail themselves of the hairdryer facilities. Is it a hygenic issue…do they feel that they are sterilizing themselves in some way? Maybe it simply feels good. Or are they exhibitionist who use the drying activity as a pretext to stand in front of the mirror and afford everyonelse in the locker room an opportunity to gaze upon them. Do they do this at home too?

I would really like to know the rationale behind this. If anyone has a good explanation, I’d love to hear it.