Sexy Taiwanese Girls

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Sexy Girls in Taiwan

Imagine this: you are walking down the street somewhere in Taiwan in the middle of the afternoon and suddenly you see a sexy Taiwanese girl in her underwear on the street. To make matters worse, she is sticking her head into the passenger window of passing cars and talking to strange men.

You might wonder what this sexy Taiwanese girl is doing, right? Well … you’d probably be wrong in what you’re assuming. This sexy young lady is a betel nut sales girl.

That’s right, sexy girls in Taiwan can make good money selling betel nuts and other snacks from small roadside shops. Some men in Taipei are as addicted to the mild high they get from betel nut as they are to cigarettes.  And, whether it’s a law or simply a custom, betel nut seems to be sold only by attractive women, usually wearing something enticing in small little roadside shops.

You can also take a look at the Taiwan Hooters girls from the Taipei Hooters restaurant.  Look, don’t touch.


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